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DawnWong's Wedding

As many of you know, Bryan and I just got married (April 4, 1999). Things are settling down now, after the wedding, honeymoon, moving, etc., and I finally got the time to publish our pictures. We borrowed a scanner, thanks to my technologically inclined brother, and I scanned some of the pictures friends and family have given us. Unfortunately we haven't had a chance to develop our professional pictures yet, but the pictures we do have pretty much cover the whole thing. When we get the professional pictures developed we will add them in. I have used small versions of our pictures on this page to make it faster to load, but if you want to see the full size picture, just click on the small ones. And by the way, don't forget to sign my guestbook.


Rosario Marine Station Our wedding took place at the Walla Walla College Marine Station at Rosario Beach, a place special to both of us. This is a view of the main building from the beach. The second floor is the library, where we held both the ceremony and the reception.
A View From the Library This is the view from the library towards the west.
Another View From the Library This is the view from the library towards the south. You can see part of Rosario Head to the left.
The Sunset The night before the wedding we had one of the gorgeous sunsets Rosario so often has.


The Little Stars, Justin & Athena We got my cousins, Justin and Athena, to be the Bible Boy and Flower Girl.
Grampa Helping at Breakfast Our parents and grandparents all pitched in the morning before the wedding to fix breakfast. This is my grandfather helping with the clean-up.
My Brother & Me Trying to Get Warm Right after breakfast the wedding party had to go out to the Head for pictures. I was the only one who got to ride out there. My brother, Aran, is sitting with me.
Sumittra & Bridesmaids During Pictures My bridesmaids and I had to shiver through the pictures trying not to look cold.
Ray, Athena & Baby Dane Trying to Keep Warm During Pictures My step-father, Ray, enjoyed keeping the kids warm during the pictures. He got to hold Baby Dane while Athena wrapped herself up in a blanket.
My Family During Pictures My family posing for the pictures. From left to right: Grampa, Aran, Dad, Bryan, me, Mom, Ray, and Grandma.
Sunny, Dad & Me During Pictures From left to right: Dad, me, and Sunny, my Dad's best friend. Sunny flew up from California at the last minute to come to the wedding.
Sumittra & Bryan During Pictures For practicality's sake Bryan and I did our pictures together before the wedding.


Our Parents at the Ceremony Our parents, from left to right: Ray, Mom, Ken, and Linda.
The Bridesmaids and Flower Girl My attendants, from left to right: Brandi, Christy (who got married in late June), Athena, the Flower Girl, and Kristi, my Maid of Honor.
The Groomsmen and Bible Boy Pastor Meske, Bryan, and the groomsmen, from left to right: Brenden, the Best Man, Justin, the Bible Boy, Garry, and Allan (who got married a week later).
Up the Aisle Dad walking me up the aisle.
Up the Aisle The hand-off.
Julee's Special Reading Bryan's sister, Julee, did a special reading.
Saying Our Vows "I do." "I do."
Sumittra & Bryan in the Receiving Line The happy couple in the receiving line.


A Bouquet One of the bouquets. Our florist did an awesome job with the decorations.
The Cakes Bryan helped design the cakes. You can see our Unity Candles behind the cake.
Lighting the Unity Candle We lit our Unity Candle at the beginning of the reception instead of during the ceremony, while Shania Twain's song, "From This Moment," played.
The MC, Pastor Gaull Our Master of Ceremonies during the reception was Pastor Gaull. He had a hard time competing with the whales that visited just as we started the buffet.
Our Whale Visitors We're not sure what kind of whales came to our reception, but they were definitely a pleasant surprise.
Sumittra & Bryan at the Reception The happy couple gazing into each other's eyes.
Me at the Reception Someone caught me mid-bite.
Kiss at the Reception The plastic spoons clinking on plastic punch glasses weren't very loud, but we got the idea.
Cutting the Cake Finally it was time to cut the cake, and feed each other.
Sumittra Feeding Bryan Bryan Feeding Sumittra
Kristi Catching the Bouquet My Maid of Honor, Kristi, caught the bouquet. Ironically the next wedding she was in was Christy's where she was the Maid of Honor again.
Bryan Taking Off the Garter Next was the garter toss.
The Garter Toss One of Bryan's friends caught the garter, or at least he ended up with it.
The 3 Mrs. Rothenburgers Three generations of Mrs. Rothenburgers, from left to right: Linda, me, and Grandma Rothenburger.

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