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DawnWong's Humor Library, Page 3

1994's Most Bizarre Suicide
20 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Better Than Sex
50 Fun Things To Do In An Elevator
Ad Funnies
Adam & Eve
The Assassin
The Ballad Of The Bobbitt Hillbillies
The Balloonist
Children Of The 80's
Church Bulletin Humor
DOS Upon A Midnight Dreary
Engineer Joke
The English Language
Flammable Pop-Tarts by Dave Barry
Flight Attendant Humor
Golf Joke
Hilarious Insurance Claims
How To Tell If You Might Be A "High Tech Redneck"
How Universities Grade Their Final Exams
Los Angeles High School Math Exam
The Magical Grapefruit Of Love
Mary Poppins Joke
Mississippi Joke
MIT Course Evaluation Guide's Best & Worst Comments
The Naval Reactors Song
O'Leary Brothers Joke
Only In America
Prayer For The Children
Psychiatric Hotline
Real Tolerance
Regarding Dirty Politics
Relationships by Dave Barry
Speech Goofs
Three Caballeros
Unbelievable Excuses
Unusual Interviews
User Tips For Husband 1.0
Vase Joke
What To Do With All Those "Free" Soaps When Traveling
When You Are Having A Bad Day (Parts 1 & 2)
Wile E. Coyote v. Acme Company Court Case

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